Definition of tin dish in English:

tin dish


NZ, Australian
  • A shallow container used by a prospector for separating gold from soil or gravel.

    ‘my equipment consisted of a tent, spade, tin dish, and about a week's supply of provisions’
    • ‘He goes on the land with pick and shovel and tin dish to search, examine, and report.’
    • ‘The idea is to put this fine earth into one tin dish, and holding it high up in the air, pour it down into another.’
    • ‘His chief merit lies in the fact that he showed the real discoverers of the first payable gold-field in Australia the way in which to prospect with a tin-dish.’
    • ‘The simplest method of extracting the gold is to wash the "dirt," as it is called, in a tin dish.’
    • ‘The tools employed by persons looking for new gold fields are extremely simple, and consist of a crow-bar, pick-axe, shovel, and a large round flat-bottomed tin dish.’