Definition of timothy in English:


(also timothy grass)


mass noun
  • A Eurasian grass which is widely grown for grazing and hay. It is naturalized in North America, where many cultivars have been developed.

    Phleum pratense, family Gramineae

    • ‘‘I've planted a number of grasses, like brome, timothy, perennial rye and annual rye, orchard grass and fescue,’ he notes.’
    • ‘Above 10,000 feet, Thurber's fescue and alpine timothy are common.’
    • ‘The majority of their diet should be free-choice grass hays such as timothy, orchard grass or brome.’
    • ‘The best source of fiber is hay, such as timothy, alfalfa, oat, or orchard grass.’
    • ‘Most horses today on pasture only have one or two varieties of grass usually timothy, orchard grass with some degree of clover and fescue.’


Mid 18th century: named after Timothy Hanson, the American farmer who introduced it to Carolina from New York ( c 1720).