Definition of Timor deer in English:

Timor deer


  • another term for rusa
    • ‘Many wild animals could be seen here, such as Komodo dragon, Timor deer, water buffalo, wild horse, long-tailed macaque, and many kinds of birds.’
    • ‘The Sungkai centre currently has about 63 heads of sambar deer, 15 heads of Timor deer and 14 heads of mouse-deer.’
    • ‘Komodo and neighbouring Rinca Island also harbour populations of wild horses, macaque monkeys, wild buffalo, wild pig, cockatoos and the barking Timor deer.’
    • ‘This area is an important grazing ground for Timor deer, wild board, water buffalo and horses.’
    • ‘White-crested cockatoos, jungle fowl, bush turkeys and ‘wili wili’ birds can be seen in the foliage, and the occasional wild boar and Timor deer run wild in the long grass.’


Timor deer