Definition of timestamp in English:



  • 1A digital record of the time of occurrence of a particular event.

    ‘every tweet is posted with a timestamp’
    ‘the timestamp on the video shows the van arriving at 1:07 p.m.’
    • ‘Once again, we'll do this all in one post, with timestamps for each new comment.’
    • ‘The timestamps on posts on this blog are actually US Eastern time.’
    • ‘This gets around time synchronisation problems and fixes timestamps on files.’
    • ‘In case you were wondering, there is a timestamp issue with this site at the moment.’
    • ‘Furthermore, event timestamp has been set with the date and time at which we executed the query.’
    • ‘The technology allows customers to check on the authenticity and date and timestamp of electronic documents and files.’
    • ‘I posted this late last night, but did something to the timestamp so it disappeared.’
    • ‘This simple step adds timestamps to all incoming and outgoing messages.’
    • ‘As you can tell from the timestamps on many of my posts, I am not a morning person.’
    • ‘Inside were a few pieces of uniquely identifiable information - e-mail address, first name, last name, timestamp for every entry.’
    1. 1.1 A stamped mark indicating a particular time and date, used for example on items sent by post.
      ‘postcards arriving after the 16th of October cannot take part in the contest, regardless of the timestamp on the postcard’
      • ‘These documents provide substantial insight into the agency's long-term expectations, especially with regard to audit trails and time stamps.’
      • ‘Each Mega Millions ticket has a date and time stamp on it.’
      • ‘The date and time stamp showed that it had been posted at 2243 on Saturday.’
      • ‘When the time card hit a contact at the rear of the slot, the machine would print day and time information (a timestamp) on the card.’


[with object]
  • Record the time or date of.

    ‘the email he sent out is timestamped 9:59 pm on March 27’
    • ‘I don't understand what conversation transpired at their HQ when they made the decision to only periodically timestamp text messages.’
    • ‘You can do this in Word in any case, but here you can timestamp audio, allowing you to quickly play back key moments during a meeting.’
    • ‘By timestamping your posts at the most optimal hour, you can increase the readership of your content.’
    • ‘One of the nice features is that the software supports timestamping.’
    • ‘Timestamping foreign exchange transactions would allow a client to see when a transaction took place and allow them to check if they had paid the correct price for their foreign currency.’
    • ‘The app records what you do, and timestamps each emoticon or comment, so you can watch it back later and see which points earned what feedback.’
    • ‘Because I created the file on February 11, at 4pm, the Weblog entry was timestamped with that time.’
    • ‘The tweet is clearly timestamped at 12.06pm on February 11, 2013 and does not appear to have been faked.’
    • ‘It would ensure that any out-of-date advice is clearly timestamped.’
    • ‘This 'breakfast' briefing is usually timestamped before 09:00, yet it rarely shows up before 10:30.’