Definition of times table in English:

times table


  • another term for multiplication table
    • ‘However, if the teachers stayed off work ‘we would forget our times tables and we would forget all the sums we have to do‘.’
    • ‘I can already recite selection criteria in the way that I learned times tables at school.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, we didn't learn the times tables by rote, and as a result I still have to work it out rather than instantly knowing.’
    • ‘From my school days I can remember doing long division and being terrified by it, and I remember doing times tables and having to stand up.’
    • ‘The idea is for children to write times tables, maths problems or any words they get confused with or struggle to spell, on individual paper cards.’
    • ‘She told me she wanted to say it was a load of nonsense and a waste of time and she'd be better off doing her times tables.’
    • ‘She made me stand up in front of the class and do times tables!’
    • ‘In my day, if you hadn't managed the times tables by the time you were six or seven then you stayed down a year until you did.’
    • ‘Baby boomers were subject to the cane, bullying, and 11 times tables.’
    • ‘In fact, I don't know my times tables and now I refuse to learn them.’
    • ‘Instead of children spending an hour a week learning times tables, it would be beneficial if they spent half an hour a day on the subject and read an hour a night at home.’
    • ‘I haven't, for instance, recommended memorising great swathes of sporting statistics, or learning the eight times tables.’
    • ‘Lessons were largely old fashioned and the children had to be ready throughout the day to recite their times tables.’
    • ‘Maybe they were just fascinated by the musanga (white man) with red hair teaching them their ABC and two times tables.’
    • ‘She acknowledges that you can't have a knowledge-free education system, and that some things, such as times tables, need to be memorised and tested.’
    • ‘We were taught our times tables parrot fashion but I still know them today.’
    • ‘And I'm sorry but yes, the numeracy part does involve learning times tables.’
    • ‘Certainly in the Catholic Church, the weekly mass is no more than recital of a set formula, reminiscent of times tables in infant school, and a total absence of prayers.’
    • ‘I slow down the brain process by holding my breath and doing the nine times tables.’
    • ‘In short, he clearly knows full well that a child's preparation for life itself requires so much more than just a sound knowledge of the times tables.’