Definition of timepiece in English:



  • An instrument, such as a clock or watch, for measuring time.

    • ‘You can also select ‘watch faces’ to change the look of your timepiece.’
    • ‘Shoppers will no longer be stuck if they forget their watches after the traditional timepiece was erected in the High Street.’
    • ‘Given the Wilsons' obsession with turning back the clock, Steve's passion for collecting and re-creating vintage timepieces seems appropriate.’
    • ‘The father gave the son a watch; a magnificent timepiece, a one-off, worth upwards of £30,000.’
    • ‘Take a ride in the (fully restored) antique elevator and synchronise your watch with the mother of all timepieces.’
    • ‘His house was something of a clock clinic where neighbours would have their timepieces repaired.’
    • ‘Some chairman get a gold timepiece for clocking up 50 years with the same company.’
    • ‘Simon is credited with inventing several types of clocks, and today his timepieces are highly prized by collectors.’
    • ‘What exactly is it that our timepieces measure?’
    • ‘Speaking of which, if you do opt to wear your watch, keep your timepiece and bracelet on separate wrists.’
    • ‘Descended from a long line of watchmakers, he makes a living designing timepieces.’
    • ‘The direction of each transect was randomly chosen using the second-hand on a timepiece.’
    • ‘Most prefer personal timepieces (e.g. wristwatches) for documentation of routine care interventions.’
    • ‘This discovery led to the invention of the pendulum and various timepieces such as the Grandfather clock, but at the time Galileo could not explain it.’
    • ‘The Swiss watchmaking legend draws from its active engagement in the world of sports to create the most accurate measuring instruments and sports-inspired timepieces ever made.’
    • ‘A watch is more than just a timepiece the same way a car is more than just a method of transportation.’
    • ‘Over thousands of years, the accuracy of maps didn't improve significantly faster than the accuracy of primitive timepieces such as the sundial or water clock.’
    • ‘She had downloaded his file onto her watch before leaving, which doubled not only as a timepiece but also a data organizer.’
    • ‘Seventy-one percent of practitioners preferred to use personal timepieces (e.g. wristwatches) for routine care.’
    • ‘The second hand rotates and the clock ticks in this high-energy version of a traditional timepiece.’
    chronometer, small clock, timer
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