Definition of timely in English:


adjectivetimelier, timeliest

  • Done or occurring at a favourable or useful time; opportune.

    ‘a timely warning’
    • ‘He hails from a middle class family and the sponsorship is very useful and timely.’
    • ‘This also serves as a timely reminder to all members that renewal of membership is now due.’
    • ‘I don't agree with everything he says but this is thoughtful stuff and timely.’
    • ‘Overall, this is a timely and useful review of a topic that has assumed major importance in health care.’
    • ‘She hopes it will serve as a timely warning because Scotland has an ageing population.’
    • ‘He said that he had no concerns regarding the timely drafting of next year's budget.’
    • ‘I am looking to the Government to provide timely answers to ensure that people can sleep safe in their beds.’
    • ‘In other words, a plot element should be deployed in a timely fashion and with proper dramatic emphasis.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, prayers are going up thick and fast for the film and its timely release.’
    • ‘The obligation exists to give the principal timely warning of what he must do and when to protect himself.’
    • ‘It serves as a timely reminder of the bravery and determination of the Royal Navy and merchant seamen.’
    • ‘The arrangement will seek to ensure the timely flow of collections from the dealer.’
    • ‘We are not trying to make GPs reduce referrals, but to encourage a more timely and appropriate care.’
    • ‘There is nothing to reassure people that they will be given timely warning so that they can seek safety.’
    • ‘He hopes that it will serve as a timely reminder that going green really is a viable alternative to fossil fuels.’
    • ‘As a result, concerned citizens do not receive timely news about political issues that they want.’
    • ‘This adds unnecessary costs and hampers the ability to serve customers in a timely way.’
    • ‘In the first case, a timely coup could be sufficient to avert an invasion.’
    • ‘Most concerned fees, valuations and the timely passing on of information to buyers and sellers.’
    • ‘It seems it was no small task for their worker bees to get these up in a timely fashion.’
    opportune, well timed, at the right time, prompt, punctual, convenient, appropriate, suitable, apt, fitting, expedient, felicitous
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