Definition of time slot in English:

time slot


  • A length of time allotted to someone or something, especially in a broadcasting schedule.

    ‘the series aired in what will be its regular Friday 10 p.m. time slot’
    ‘time slots booked for a particular surgeon’
    • ‘In its original weekday time slot, the show became an enormous cult hit.’
    • ‘We placed the show in its June time slot to give exhibitors a chance to preview their fall lines to buyers.’
    • ‘Getting solo acoustic performers ready three to five minutes before their time slot doesn't need to be a headache, even if they have limited stage experience.’
    • ‘Now there are DVDs, and I can watch my favorite shows as often as I want, without the interference of networks that see fit to change a show's time slot on a whim.’
    • ‘While excited that the critically acclaimed, yet relatively little watched show was given the prime, post-Super Bowl time slot, I actually had little faith that the increased exposure would translate into substantially more viewers.’
    • ‘I think that having the earliest time slot of the night didn't help the band.’
    • ‘I never felt that the material was padded just for the sake of filling a time slot.’
    • ‘I guarantee everyone will keep the time slot they had at the end of last year.’
    • ‘Aware of its declining status, he began searching last spring for a new venue and a new time slot for the fair, traditionally held at Navy Pier in early May.’
    • ‘When we started making it we didn't even know what timeslot it was going to be on and it was a low budget show, so we kind of just made it for us and there weren't really any concessions made.’