Definition of time fuse in English:

time fuse


  • A fuse calculated to burn for or explode a bomb, shell, or explosive charge at a specified time.

    • ‘The bombs were set free from the container at 5,000 feet by a time fuse and then exploded on contact with the ground.’
    • ‘In 1849, Austrian troops unleashed unmanned balloons carrying explosives triggered by time fuses against Venice, an experiment discontinued after the vagaries of wind direction made them an embarrassment.’
    • ‘Finally, the ends of the det cord were double-primed, once from each end, with a blasting cap and time fuse.’
    • ‘Its contract to develop an electronic time fuse for mortars that illuminate an area ran into snafus.’
    • ‘But these are time fuses with a difference: a laser beam acquires the target, and the launcher determines its range and calculates time to impact.’
    • ‘Once they've uncovered the ordnance, they use plastic explosive and then hook detonators and time fuses up to it, so they can light the fuse and get to a safe distance before it explodes.’
    • ‘But this one has a sort of delayed time fuse, as it were.’
    • ‘After the Brighton bomb, Magee was arrested while actively involved in a horrific plot to plant 16 bombs with long-term time fuses in hotels and on beaches in the south of England.’