Definition of time deposit in English:

time deposit


  • A deposit in a bank account that cannot be withdrawn before a set date or for which notice of withdrawal is required.

    • ‘Whereas a time deposit carries a set interest rate, yields on money-market funds can change - and sometimes even turn negative - depending on the value of the instruments the fund is holding.’
    • ‘Demand and checkable deposits increased $19.7 billion, while savings and small time deposits declined $2.9 billion.’
    • ‘Despite my clear and specific instruction to liquidate my time deposit on maturity, Citibank failed to do so.’
    • ‘However, he denied that this was mainly because of investing in bank deposits, saying the proportion of investments in time deposit was down to 30 percent from 90 percent 10 years ago.’
    • ‘Otherwise, e-money issuers would hold securities or time deposits.’
    • ‘Under the regulation, all interest gains from banks savings, time deposits, checking accounts and Bank Indonesia Certificates are subject to 20 percent income tax.’
    • ‘Over time, a time deposit can also give you the same yield; interest rates will not stay low forever.’
    • ‘For the remaining four years, the yields will be floated at 2.5 percentage points above the average interest rate of three-month time deposits at four local banks, he said.’
    • ‘The high interest rate environment, in turn, often causes a shift of investment money from the equity market to fixed income instruments such as bank savings accounts and time deposits.’
    • ‘Even a time deposit at the local bank carries penalties: you generally lose all the interest if you withdraw your money before the contracted maturity date.’
    • ‘Institutional money fund deposits expanded $7 billion, large time deposits $4.3 billion, and repurchase agreements increased $8.3 billion.’
    • ‘Both small time deposits and retail money fund assets declined $2.5 billion.’
    • ‘Dual currency time deposit is another type of account available.’
    • ‘Even if you've set ultra-conservative risk parameters, your investment manager should at least be able to beat the bank over time - otherwise you might as well leave your money on time deposit.’
    • ‘The center is dependent on the goodwill of its donors, which it collects in a time deposit and uses the interest to cover the difference in costs.’
    • ‘Under the existing blanket guarantee program, the government guarantees time deposits and savings of all liquidated banks; but it will not reimburse bond investors.’
    • ‘For instance, there are funds which deal only in instant-access cash, yet pay wholesale rates of interest which only the largest investors would be able to get from a bank or building society time deposit.’
    • ‘This definition excludes all securities, which are subject to risk of capital loss, and time deposits, which carry penalties for early withdrawal.’
    • ‘At the end of 1998, one-month time deposits alone stood at $21.2 billion, nearly 400% more than a year earlier.’
    • ‘The government this month also eliminated its blanket insurance on time deposits at banks, leaving households even more exposed to the nation's financial troubles.’