Definition of time bomb in English:

time bomb


  • 1A bomb designed to explode at a preset time.

    • ‘Morri had even let her play with a defused time bomb.’
    • ‘Just inches of clay lay between a Carlow resident and a ticking time bomb unearthed in his back garden on Monday afternoon!’
    • ‘The time bomb exploded, the sound resonating in a disconcerting fashion off the interior walls.’
    • ‘A time bomb, packed with about 6.6lbs of explosive, went off among pilgrims as they took supper in an open area about 490 ft from the shrine.’
    • ‘To use the classic example, one could claim that he had in custody a suspect believed to have planted a time bomb that, if not defused, would kill many innocents.’
    • ‘Phil reappeared just below Leif as the time bomb exploded.’
    • ‘I'd have thought you smarter than to carry a programmed time bomb around with you, Captain.’
    • ‘What need for creating a fuse for a time bomb could Price possibly have while stuck in a POW camp?’
    1. 1.1 A developing and problematic situation which will eventually become dangerous if not addressed.
      ‘the demographic time bomb’
      • ‘The situation is like a time bomb waiting to detonate.’
      • ‘Those five ambiguous words were a ticking time bomb.’
      • ‘Political parties and independents agree that the issue of Hong Kong's ageing population is a ticking time bomb that will require far greater attention from government.’
      • ‘In short, the demographic time bomb facing the UK has finally hit home.’
      • ‘The Dutch police were well aware of the problem before the game, but they failed to resolve the situation and so the time bomb kept ticking.’
      • ‘I'm starting to feel like my house is nothing but a ticking time bomb waiting to plummet us into financial ruin.’
      • ‘China will be rid of a dangerous time bomb in its backyard.’
      • ‘But for those with mental illness it is like a ticking time bomb.’
      • ‘The unfortunate part with the leaky homes situation is that the time bomb is ticking.’
      • ‘The growing sense of panic among Israelis over the demographic time bomb underscores the bitter divisions that are increasingly emerging in Israeli society.’
      • ‘But where such treatment is painful or debilitating, many would have to gamble their current health and lifestyles against the risk that their time bomb would eventually go off.’
      • ‘Even leaving aside the question of the refugees, there is a demographic time bomb ticking away.’
      • ‘‘The number of people who have fallen into extreme poverty here is a ticking time bomb,’ says Lacayo.’
      • ‘This is a ticking time bomb which can not be ignored.’
      • ‘An environmental time bomb was ticking in the Atlantic last night after the sinking of the stricken Prestige oil tanker 500 miles from Mizen Head.’
      • ‘Like most of the euro zone, France faces a demographic time bomb.’
      • ‘No one seems to have noticed, but a demographic time bomb is ticking away.’
      • ‘Ruling elites, terrified by this ticking demographic time bomb, have two choices.’
      • ‘They will grow for a decade or two yet, but then they will hit their demographic time bomb.’
      • ‘The current level of entitlement is unsustainable regardless of how we try to fund it, it's only a question of which government will be left holding the ticking time bomb when the clock runs out.’


time bomb