Definition of time-wasting in English:



mass noun
  • 1The action of wasting time.

    • ‘This is time-wasting for the police, and the witness often feels that the system is letting them down.’
    • ‘What's more, this time-wasting seemed perfectly normal for London and I thought nothing of it.’
    • ‘Home Secretary David Blunkett accused some lawyers of time-wasting and costing taxpayers millions of pounds.’
    • ‘The CCN was also correct to state that corruption is not only the theft and mismanagement of public funds, but runs far deeper - whether in fact it is unauthorised telephone use or unproductive time-wasting at work.’
    • ‘But it's also a miscarriage of justice when delays and time-wasting deny victims justice for months on end.’
    • ‘He said: ‘The inconvenience and time-wasting this causes is ridiculous - it's almost cheaper to go private.’’
    • ‘Besides, a little time-wasting never hurt anybody.’
    • ‘Yes, this is the ideal sort of Friday night for me - a bit of stress-relieving exercise followed by some time-wasting on the Internet.’
    • ‘Don't let it be said that the internet is just there for time-wasting.’
    • ‘The councillor calls for less time-wasting at.’
    • ‘‘I don't have the concerns that others have because I'm seeing what the police are seeing, which is that the tests are screening out a lot of time-wasting in the laboratory,’ he said.’
    • ‘There was a time when I used to shake my head at these acts of self-delusion and time-wasting from the far left.’
    • ‘It is just that I can no longer tolerate the time-wasting and silly game-playing that characterise local government.’
    uneconomical, wasteful, purposeless, unproductive, time-wasting, slow, slow-moving, awkward, unwieldy, cumbersome, badly arranged, deficient, disorganized, unsystematic
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    1. 1.1 The tactic of slowing down play towards the end of a match to prevent the opposition scoring.
      • ‘As for the time-wasting and celebrations, maybe he could have dished out a yellow card earlier, but you have to understand that such behaviour is normal on the continent.’
      • ‘The Swedish fans are booing the Trinidad lads for time-wasting, but they don't realise that's the pace they move at when they're not playing.’
      • ‘Angola keeper Ricardo is booked for time-wasting.’
      • ‘Danish referee Kim Nielsen immediately produced the red card, indicating that Delgado, who was booked earlier for time-wasting, had dived.’
      • ‘Niclas Alexandersson gets booked for time-wasting.’
      • ‘The former Leicester City boss also believes that Porto's time-wasting and all-round behaviour made a mockery of UEFA's Fair Play campaign.’
      • ‘The Belgians take their time over a goal-kick - time-wasting anyone?’
      • ‘Zhang complained that the British were wasting time, received a sermon from the umpire, and then supervised some time-wasting of his own in an attempt to wrest back the initiative.’
      • ‘PSV goalkeeper Gomes gets booked for time-wasting as he dilly-dallies over a free-kick.’
      • ‘Robinson's just been booked for time-wasting, which tells you how the game is panning out.’
      • ‘When was the last time we heard a manager berate one of his own players on TV for feigning injury, diving, time-wasting or abusing the referee?’
      • ‘Fergie was furious when the fourth official signalled four minutes of injury time in a half which was littered with injuries, substitutions and time-wasting, but it proved enough.’
      • ‘Dibble was booked - and then escaped any punishment for time-wasting when he picked up the ball to prevent City taking a quick corner and ran back towards his goal with it.’
      • ‘He was ludicrously cautioned in stoppage time for time-wasting.’
      • ‘He encourages time-wasting and has even thrown balls on the pitch to hinder games.’
      • ‘Owen Coyle had scored the winner at Everton away with a sublime left-foot strike that curled around Neville Southall and served him right for all his atrocious time-wasting over the two legs.’
      • ‘He might have just been trying to escape a yellow card for time-wasting but it's hard to say without knowing all the facts.’
      • ‘More time-wasting from Totti, who wins a free-kick in the corner.’
      • ‘Carlo Cudicini gets booked for time-wasting, when he summons a defender to take a goal-kick for him.’
      • ‘Their ability to wind the clock down was a master-class which Richie Wellens, given a second yellow-card for time-wasting on Saturday, could do worse than to follow.’