Definition of time-release in English:



  • Denoting something, especially a drug preparation, that releases an active substance gradually.

    • ‘It is the world's first time-release whey protein crunch bar.’
    • ‘A light sprinkling of time-release fertilizer two or three times a year will help keep the plants healthy.’
    • ‘Her team has developed a model that will permit the injection of stem cells in a protective environment of protein factors to act as a time-release capsule of sorts.’
    • ‘It packs 42 grams of advanced time-release protein into a thick, delectable shake.’
    • ‘Or better yet, it can be implanted in time-release form right under that smallpox vaccine scar.’
    • ‘This includes not only faucets and flush valves, but also automated soap dispensers and time-release cleaning solutions that help prevent buildup caused by heavy minerals in hard water.’
    • ‘The third Indian on the list is a chemical engineer who has devised time-release polymers to replace multiple vaccine injections and boosters.’
    • ‘Fertilize hardy geraniums with a time-release fertilizer in spring.’
    • ‘Currently, when other techniques are used to make these time-release capsules, it's hard to make them all of the same size.’
    • ‘It contains green tea and chamomile to soften and brighten puffy eyes, and time-release liposomes to combat fine lines.’
    • ‘That's why, when looking to engineer a true time-release mechanism, they turned to the pharmaceutical industry.’
    • ‘By late 1995, it became clear that oral and catheter-based delivery solutions were not going to achieve the desired effectiveness, but localized, time-release delivery of a product via a stent might.’
    • ‘In 1998, the Food and Drug Administration inspected manufacturers who made drugs that relied on time-release beads.’
    • ‘He said he wasn't sure why, but he felt as if it were his mother who needed for him to take the time-release dose.’
    • ‘The time-release solid scent beads are dispensed much like a salt-shaker.’
    • ‘This light tinted moisturizer uses time-release technology to help skin feel refreshed all day.’
    • ‘It is a potent time-release medication for relief of moderate to severe pain, known as hillbilly heroin because of black-market popularity in some rural areas.’
    • ‘Simply put, to compensate for whey's natural defects and still permit speedy protein-synthesizing delivery, whey must be harnessed with a controlled, time-release mechanism.’
    • ‘It uses a patented time-release dispensing system to continually add bacteria to water.’
    • ‘The difference between this and other time-release medication, the researchers say, is that the release rate can be controlled thanks to silicon's conductivity.’