• Associated with time or with the length of time that something takes.

    ‘many of the pressures they are under are time-related’
    ‘time-related costs’
    • ‘Try and manage your time and tasks to minimize time-related pressures.’
    • ‘Since 1989 numerous studies have reported time-related increases in body temperature in women with epidurals.’
    • ‘I'm celebrating this 'leap month' by bringing you a daily dose of time-related trivia, investigating how our calendar came to be.’
    • ‘The inner clock surrounding Burning Man will become a large-scale gallery and performance space featuring time-related art.’
    • ‘Pay attention to planning to reduce time-related anxiety and crises.’
    • ‘Its features - touch-screen, altimeter, thermometer, compass and the more usual time-related functions - were contained within a gleaming rivulet of Swiss style.’
    • ‘Time-related pressures could cause a high level of emotional excitement and agitation among employees.’
    • ‘These resources were almost always time-related rather than monetary.’
    • ‘We know it's hard writing specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, time-related objectives but they are now absolutely essential.’
    • ‘The truth is you can rationalize, plan and prepare as much as you like, but the reality is that having kids involves sacrifice, giving up other opportunities, both monetary and time-related.’