Definition of timberman in English:


nounPlural timbermen

  • 1A person who works with timber.

    • ‘Even if the timbermen are purely motivated by the public good, they have to work with state legislators who come to the table with agendas of their own.’
    • ‘Josephine prepared food for the timbermen who lived in the ‘hollows’ located within the area.’
    • ‘It sounds like an air-raid siren but in fact it calls the timbermen back off shore leave.’
    • ‘The timbermen replied that they had legal rights to cut the timber and she had no right to interfere.’
  • 2A greyish-brown longhorn beetle with extremely long antennae, occurring in the old pine forests of northern Europe. The wood-boring larvae live chiefly in fallen or felled trees.

    Acanthocinus aedilis, family Cerambycidae