Definition of timber yard in English:

timber yard


  • A place that sells timber and other building materials.

    • ‘Under the good planks on the top of the pile in the timber yard were all the shoddy ones.’
    • ‘Walter finds manual work in a timber yard, and rents an apartment which happens to be opposite a school.’
    • ‘I was hanging out in the timber yard for longer than is necessary to ask my friend working there what time he wants to have lunch.’
    • ‘Already well known for the dexterity and neatness of his hands, it was in his brother-in-law's timber yard that Johnny learnt to handle knives and saws with expert precision by watching carpenters at work.’
    • ‘The manager said they have been running the timber yard as a partnership for the past 15 years.’
    • ‘The mill flourished, with timber trolleyed down to the timber yard and hauled onto a wagon pulled by five stout horses.’
    • ‘The material available in the colonial timber yard varied from region to region, but the material described is similar throughout Britain and her colonies.’
    • ‘Failing to get him a ship, we induced him to accept work in a saw-mill and timber yard: hard rough work, but it is bringing out a fine independence.’
    • ‘Before the summer was over the timber yard had closed and he was back home, kicking his heels once more.’
    • ‘Commuters today faced severe disruption following a major blaze at a timber yard.’