Definition of tilley lamp in English:

tilley lamp

(also tilly lamp)


  • A portable oil or paraffin lamp in which air pressure is used to supply the burner with fuel.

    • ‘We used tilly lamps for light and had to transport oil and other fuel to the house.’
    • ‘Sometimes the lights would go, and when they did we'd reach for the tilly lamps.’
    • ‘A headlamp is essential for night sessions, for I do not like tilley lamps one bit on rocks.’
    • ‘I am often walking long ways over dangerous ground, so I need my hands free; for that reason I never use a tilley lamp and instead rely on a good quality headlamp.’
    • ‘We had a little pavilion that we painted ourselves with a tilly lamp inside and a primus stove.’


1930s: from the name of the manufacturers.


tilley lamp