Definition of till (or until) kingdom come in English:

till (or until) kingdom come


  • Forever.

    • ‘They're supposed to go on financing research until kingdom come, not to increase recovery rates, but to pursue knowledge for its own sake.’
    • ‘If you leaf through the New Testament from here until kingdom come, you won't find a parable about the good Australian Industrial Relations Commissioner.’
    • ‘Well, I can stay here till kingdom come if I want, but I'm not sure yet.’
    • ‘My skills can get me a phone-answering gig in any of several offices for a nice wage and decent medical/dental insurance… but I'll be answering phones until kingdom come.’
    • ‘He knew if he didn't win this race he'd have to put up with his father gloating until kingdom come.’
    • ‘We could list all our deficits from now until kingdom come, but I think that the experience in Limerick in particular has shown, that the provision of a university is key!’
    • ‘And present it in such a way that they will avoid challenging you until kingdom come!’
    • ‘Imagine, just the catering alone would pay for tax shelters for the wealthy until kingdom come.’
    • ‘Our propensity is toward action, not theory or planning until kingdom come.’
    • ‘Any builder of any worth is booked up from now till kingdom come, and they don't do too badly on the money front either.’
    for all time, forever, for good, for always, for good and all, for ever and ever, evermore, for evermore, in perpetuity, lastingly, indelibly, immutably, inalterably, invariably, until the end of time, everlastingly, enduringly, abidingly
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