Definition of tilapia in English:



  • An African freshwater cichlid fish that has been widely introduced to many areas for food, such as St Peter's fish.

    Tilapia and related genera, family Cichlidae: several species

    • ‘Hot off the grill, the tilapia was a whole fish, plump and meaty and perfectly cooked.’
    • ‘The central part of this dish is tilapia, a fresh water fish with white flesh and a flaky texture.’
    • ‘Whole fish such as tilapia are served hot off the grill and topped with tangy onion and tomato.’
    • ‘Cheap tilapia is substituted for expensive swordfish, without warning.’
    • ‘In Namibia two types of fresh water fish, the tilapia and catfish are farmed.’


Modern Latin, of unknown origin.