Definition of tiki torch in English:

tiki torch


  • An outdoor light that burns gas or oil and is attached to the end of a long pole fixed into the ground.

    • ‘Screened from all but the envious eyes of aerial neighbors, New Yorkers with backyards awaken to birdsong and the occasional rabbit and entertain by the light of tiki torches.’
    • ‘In my own backyard, we've tried to add that getaway feeling with a few tiki torches and fragrant jasmine.’
    • ‘Tropical-print fabric on the garden furniture, a few tiki torches, some large shells, and a surfboard complete the mood.’
    • ‘The tiki torches had flickered out, but an 8-foot-long bed of coals glowed eerily in the darkness, waiting for bare feet.’
    • ‘The host decorates the back yard in a tropical theme using festival glassware and tiki torches, and sets large umbrellas over the tables to provide some shade.’
    • ‘Tiki torches blazed on with timed gas flames and danced merrily in the ever-encroaching darkness.’
    • ‘The club boasts three full-sized bars, beach decor, and tiki torches on the outdoor patio.’
    • ‘It was a Hawaiian theme, complete with tiki torches, lais, pineapples, bbqed skewers of meat and cheesy Hawaiian music.’
    • ‘The night was a little cold, but we huddled around the tiki torches on the balcony, drank a quarter keg, and had a ridiculously good time.’
    • ‘Inside her car, police also found several yard items, including tiki torches, hoses and mats that they believe could have been stolen from homes.’
    • ‘Perhaps just plant yourself and watch the scene as daylight wanes and the magnificent Hawaiian sun sets around you while tiki torches blaze and the parties get started.’
    • ‘Holden and Moll also put floating candles in their pond, lanterns on seat walls, and tiki torches among tropical foliage.’
    • ‘Casseroles were unveiled from Saran Wrap prisons and the tiki torches that ringed the patio were lit.’
    • ‘Bamboo tiki torches in the corners kept the bugs away, and a stone fountain in the corner offered hushed condolences to the trio.’
    • ‘I don't light a match, I light a tiki torch.’
    • ‘I snuck out of my family's rented cottage one hot August night and wandered until I happened upon a scene lit by flickering tiki torches and glowing citronella sticks.’
    • ‘The surprise and honest hurt on her face became clearly visible in the tiki torch lamp light.’
    • ‘Around nine, I started to walk down to the old plantation house it was dark out, except for occasional tiki torches and the moonlit sky.’
    • ‘It didn't take me long to spot Garrett in a corner, trying to spark up the soggy tiki torches.’
    • ‘For parties and special occasions, light the garden with tiki torches and chunky candles scented with plumeria or gardenia.’