Definition of tik in English:



mass nounSouth African
  • The drug methamphetamine, especially in a powdered crystalline form.

    ‘four suspects were arrested when officers found nine packets of tik in the vehicle’
    • ‘A couple of generations later the whole community is like that, the majority on tik.’
    • ‘Yet the government has failed to learn the lessons that history has to offer, lessons that are directly applicable to the present problem of "tik".’
    • ‘Drug abuse, especially the use of tik, remains a major headache for city authorities.’
    • ‘Of course, we are not ignoring the fact that both crack and "tik" are extremely dangerous drugs.’
    • ‘Suspects were found with 42 kilograms of tik in a hotel room on Thursday afternoon.’
    • ‘Instead, he's eyeing your wallet and planning a fantastic night of sniffing glue and smoking tik obviously at your expense.’
    • ‘"I smoked with them, and ever since then I'm smoking," she said while lighting up a tik pipe.’
    • ‘The witness said that Mngeni wanted the witness to buy him tik, which the witness said he did.’
    • ‘My best childhood friend is now a tik addict who has spent time in Pollsmoor for armed robbery.’
    • ‘Throughout her pregnancy she was smoking up to three bags of tik a day.’


Early 21st century: perhaps imitative of the distinctive popping sound made when the crystalline form of the drug is lit and smoked.