Definition of tighten one's belt in English:

tighten one's belt


  • Cut one's expenditure; live more frugally.

    ‘she said the poor must tighten their belts’
    • ‘Robbins thinks Johnston needs to tighten his belt a lot more to have credibility with employees.’
    • ‘If you're in the slightest bit worried about all the doom and gloom over a possible house price crash and your finances are already stretched, then consider whether it is time to tighten your belt now - even though Christmas is looming.’
    • ‘You should tighten your belt in every other area you can, but increase your promotion and sales efforts, including advertising.’
    • ‘It's time to tighten my belt financially and I frankly cannot afford to buy everything I see.’
    • ‘It all depends on what sort of lifestyle you lead, the financial commitments you have and the extent to which you could tighten your belt if you had to.’
    • ‘‘There's not much you can do, other than to tighten your belt and get through the period,’ said the general manager of the Westin Convention Center Hotel.’
    • ‘The company has never been one for tremendous excess, and we tightened our belt and came out the other side.’
    • ‘The end of the housing boom alone will not sink the British consumer, although he will have to tighten his belt - the continued dismantling of the free-market heritage of the 1980s is the real threat.’
    • ‘We will probably have to tighten our belt to some extent, but I don't anticipate it being too grave.’
    • ‘‘The first thing that happens when you tighten your belt is the ad revenues start to go away:’ says Robertson.’
    • ‘He went on to say that any use of taxpayers money brought with it great responsibility, especially in a time when we must collectively tighten our belt.’
    • ‘But I also believe it is a good thing, every now and then, to be forced to tighten one's belt.’
    • ‘‘This time last year I could easily get through £100 a month on, say, clothes, make-up and going out to lunch on my day off with friends but I have definitely tightened my belt,’ she laments.’
    • ‘But, are we tightening our belt before we need to?’
    • ‘If necessary, in hard times, one tightened one's belt and went without.’
    • ‘If you're overspending then you'll know it's time to tighten your belt, cut back on the non-essentials and get out of debt.’
    • ‘Sometimes small savings send a signal that we really need to tighten our belt.’
    • ‘Vera adds: ‘There may be changes with staff because the wage bill is so high that we have to start looking where we can tighten our belt.’’
    • ‘Anyone would be ill at ease at having to tighten their belt by 30 percent.’
    • ‘My grandfather was a prosperous rancher and although he may have had to tighten his belt, the family never went hungry or faced the danger of losing their land.’
    economize, cut back, make cutbacks, make cuts, retrench, husband one's resources, budget, be economical, be more economical, make economies, be thrifty, be sparing, be frugal, buy cheaply, buy more cheaply, use less, decrease wastage, reduce wastage, scrimp, scrimp and save, scrimp and scrape, cut corners, draw in one's horns, count the pennies, count your pennies, watch the pennies, watch your pennies
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