Definition of tight-knit in English:


(also tightly knit)


  • (of a group of people) bound together by strong relationships and common interests.

    ‘tight-knit mining communities’
    • ‘It also caused some friction in Edinburgh's tight-knit financial community.’
    • ‘But when difficult situations arise, this tight-knit group usually pulls together.’
    • ‘A common belief is that marriages within the tight-knit community are for the good of the children.’
    • ‘Within this small but tight-knit community, baseball and its attendant activities provide a strong social focus.’
    • ‘Our area has many tight-knit communities and the cornerstones of these are the close relations between neighbours.’
    • ‘It was a shame, because we were doing so well and had such a tight-knit group.’
    • ‘They are a tight-knit group who believe strongly in supporting their brothers who are deployed on the front lines.’
    • ‘Mr Howard replaced the 26-strong team he inherited with a tight-knit group of just 12.’
    • ‘Private universities were a tight-knit group, wheeling and dealing with only one another.’
    • ‘Were you concerned or nervous about joining such a tight-knit group of actors, who have worked together for so many years?’
    • ‘We were very much a tight-knit group and each division was a family unit.’
    • ‘Now the victim has spoken out about the fear dominating the tight-knit community of elderly people in the village's sheltered accommodation.’
    • ‘The news was welcomed by the tight-knit glen community.’
    • ‘The tight-knit family has held together through the ordeal and they could not let the application be made without opposing it.’
    • ‘Not surprisingly, the Air Force detachment is a tight-knit group.’
    • ‘Nevertheless, the four remained a tight-knit group right throughout their schooling.’
    • ‘In fact the usage of community as something that only refers to tight-knit groups of geographically and socially friendly people is relatively new.’
    • ‘She said the tragedy had brought the tight-knit community even closer together.’
    • ‘We have a very tight-knit group of players that simply can't stomach losing a match.’
    • ‘She helped Jen fit into the tight-knit group of kids in their training session, thereby gaining her trust.’