Definition of tight-fisted in English:



  • Not willing to spend or give much money; miserly.

    ‘tight-fisted to the point of miserliness’
    • ‘He muttered, ‘Give me my money, you tight-fisted jerk.’’
    • ‘You know how tight-fisted with money Jeremy is.’
    • ‘A similar observation, however, could be made about tight-fisted conservatives who make campaign pledges they don't keep while local school taxes keep rising.’
    • ‘Hopefully the tight-fisted owner will put that money back into the baseball team, as I believe there is a way for this team to contend soon.’
    • ‘The most tight-fisted, scrounging, Scrooge-like people are to be found wherever I go.’
    • ‘Here, his father comes across as a tight-fisted, big-hearted dreamer who always promised more than he could deliver.’
    • ‘Now hospital bosses say they have been forced to increase charges to combat tight-fisted holidaymakers who park up then take a short taxi ride to the airport.’
    • ‘Could it be the drunken, tight-fisted old mother?’
    • ‘I bought one of these because I am tight-fisted.’
    • ‘That makes Yorkshire folk the second most tight-fisted regional group, according to professional services firm Deloitte.’
    • ‘I suspect I am becoming increasingly tight-fisted.’
    • ‘Johnny comes across as a tight-fisted right winger, which by all accounts he was.’
    • ‘It has a hell of lot to do with the fact that both excuses for local papers - freesheets, to be exact - are run by tight-fisted corporations.’
    • ‘The salary is low because it is set in the constitution and can be changed only with the approval of Texas voters, who are mostly tight-fisted.’
    • ‘For this she needs €2,000, probably less than the cost of the fridge in the state-of-the-art kitchen of her tight-fisted employers.’
    • ‘The problem was the drummer, who was a tight-fisted git, and would frequently say ‘I'll give you the money next week’.’
    • ‘He remained tight-fisted for the rest of his 101 years.’
    • ‘The tight-fisted laird intends to profit from his marriageable son and daughter, but his children have ideas of their own.’
    • ‘I refuse to push my baby daughter into the path of oncoming traffic because the local council is too tight-fisted to put in place proper signage and I imagine many other mothers feel the same way.’
    • ‘And if me, an Aberdonian, and an extremely tight-fisted one at that, can part with 13 notes, why not?’
    mean, miserly, parsimonious, niggardly, close-fisted, penny-pinching, cheese-paring, penurious, scrooge-like, ungenerous, illiberal, close
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