Definition of tiger snake in English:

tiger snake


  • 1A deadly Australian snake, typically marked with brown and yellow bands.

    Genus Notechis, family Elapidae: two species

    • ‘‘You almost stepped on a tiger snake there, mate,’ he says without drama.’
    • ‘And as God is my witness what I will say next is the truth - I locked eyes with the largest tiger snake any living man has seen.’
    • ‘Further up the tree we've got all hollows and things that just creates an environment for all sorts of living things, not the least of which is our tiger snake that we were talking about somewhere around here.’
    • ‘When he's not leaping out of the 4x4 to grab leaves or tiger snakes, Williams, or ‘Bushie’, has an encyclopaedic knowledge of Tasmania's wilderness and a childlike enthusiasm for it.’
    • ‘They pulled me out of the water just in the nick of time, or my kayak paddler would put his kayak in between me and an oncoming tiger snake.’
  • 2A very slender harmless nocturnal snake found in Africa.

    Genus Telescopus, family Colubridae: several species