Definition of tiger salamander in English:

tiger salamander


  • A large North American salamander that is blackish with yellow patches or stripes.

    Ambystoma tigrinum, family Ambystomatidae

    • ‘The Service published a final rule on September 21 listing the Santa Barbara County population of the California tiger salamander as endangered.’
    • ‘Each name links to an information section with images and the status code; for example, the tiger salamander is on the Red List in danger.’
    • ‘‘Leopard frogs, boreal toads, spotted frogs and tiger salamanders are experiencing serious declines’ he says.’
    • ‘Another family, the Ambystomatidae occurs in the New World from Canada to central Mexico and includes the tiger salamander and the axolotl.’
    • ‘The California tiger salamander is a large, stocky, terrestrial salamander with small eyes and a broad, rounded snout.’