Definition of tiger mother in English:

tiger mother


  • A strict or demanding mother who pushes her child or children to high levels of achievement, especially by using methods regarded as typical of child-rearing in China and other parts of East Asia.

    ‘because of the number of classes her daughter attends, Lee says some people will think she's a tiger mother’
    • ‘Even the U.S. military rejects him as unfit for service when he tries to enlist to free himself from his abusive Tiger Mother.’
    • ‘Do these children lose out in other ways, or are the Tiger Mothers right in simply expecting more?’
    • ‘Who would want to be a Tiger Mother's kid, anyway?’
    • ‘Not all Chinese mothers are Tiger mothers.’
    • ‘Children brought up in an Indian home top the educational tables alongside the children of Tiger mothers.’
    • ‘I just think doing the bare minimum to get what you want is not the right attitude and in my new (exhausting) role as a Tiger Mother it needs to be stamped out.’
    • ‘Through hard work and application, an army of Tiger Mothers will transform their children into piano geniuses at the age of four.’
    • ‘It might surprise you guys, but I used to be a tiger mother.’
    • ‘For the first seven years of my parenting career, I was a Tiger Mother.’
    • ‘It takes self-discipline and a lot of time to be a Tiger Mother.’
    • ‘I'd make a terrible Tiger Mother.’
    • ‘Tiger mothers and fathers may consider it tantamount to child abuse if they do not send their precious cubs for tuition.’
    • ‘She professes that she is a proud Tiger Mother, owning her superiority over western parenting again and again.’
    • ‘She was a tiger mother, who wanted us to succeed, and she was proud that we all graduated from college.’
    • ‘Would we be better off if every mom was a Tiger Mother?’
    • ‘All mothers have to be tiger mothers at one time or the other.’
    • ‘Laziness is the greatest sin for Tiger Mothers.’
    • ‘Being raised by a tiger mother to me means as a child, I wasn't given the freedom to make my own decisions.’
    • ‘My own husband was raised by a self-proclaimed Tiger Mother who is a Polish immigrant.’
    • ‘The pictures exactly capture the savagery of a Tiger Mother in full cry: a domineering powder-keg of ambition.’


1970s (in the general sense of ‘a strict or demanding mother’): popularized as a specific concept by Amy Chua in the book Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother (2011).