Definition of tiger moth in English:

tiger moth


  • A stout moth which has boldly spotted and streaked wings and a hairy caterpillar (woolly bear).

    Arctia and other genera, family Arctiidae: many species. See garden tiger

    • ‘Others, like the tiger moth, hear the bat and emit a jamming signal in the ultrasonic frequency spectrum.’
    • ‘Searching the Siberian hinterlands for a tiger moth that is surely extinct by now is his idea of fun.’
    • ‘A tiger moth swooped down and brushed Anna with its dusty wings before gliding off into the distance.’
    • ‘Consider the Isabella tiger moth, seen from coast to coast.’
    • ‘For example tiger moths make a loud noise, perfectly within the bats' range of hearing and timed to be in between the bats' echolocation calls so that they are as unmistakeable as possible.’