Definition of tiger fish in English:

tiger fish


  • Any of a number of aggressive predatory fish.

    an edible fish of the Indo-Pacific (Therapon jarbua, family Theraponidae).

    a large African characin, popular with anglers (Hydrocynus vittatus, family Characidae).

    • ‘Fishing competitions for the country's most voracious predator, the tiger fish, are often held around this time of the year.’
    • ‘Expeditions in pursuit of Atlantic blue marlin, Indian mahseer, tiger fish, Pacific salmon were the norm and what fantastic prize trips they were.’
    • ‘So we took the wine and a tiger fish outside and cooked our meal under the stars.’
    • ‘That night I caught three big tiger fish.’
    • ‘The 20 lb tiger fish - which was almost four-and-a-half feet long - had been specially imported from Bangladesh for the attempt and was cooked in a huge pan.’