Definition of tifo in English:



  • (especially at soccer games) a choreographed display in which fans in a sports stadium raise a large banner together or simultaneously hold up signs that together form a large image.

    ‘the fans in Kansas City pulled off an impressive tifo of the USA flag’
    • ‘Gala fans unveiled a quite superb tifo behind one of the goals, featuring Souness planting the flag on an outline of a pitch.’
    • ‘Packed house before kickoff, the Believe anthem being sung at full voice, and the tifos displayed - incredible stuff.’
    • ‘After hearing this quote, the Timbers Army went to work on a Tifo with that quote and revealed this fantastic piece of work.’
    • ‘There won't likely be a big tifo display for this game.’
    • ‘The tifo was a tribute to - of all things in Portland - the rain.’
    • ‘There is a lot of thought and work that goes into building these giant tifos, and this video showcases that really well.’
    • ‘This will be the fifth tifo the Stonewalls have created this season.’
    • ‘To their dismay, the player did not interact with people who spent money and time to support him with their tifo.’
    • ‘Along with louder unified chanting and singing, fans and players can expect to see even bigger tifo.’
    • ‘For the first half of this season, the groups could not bring drums, flags and other forms of celebratory tifos to away games.’


Italian, literally ‘typhus (fever)’, by extension ‘passionate support for a sports team’.