Definition of tidings in English:


plural noun

  • 1literary, archaic News; information.

    ‘the bearer of glad tidings’
    in singular ‘amid the clouds of gloom, this is a good tiding’
    • ‘It said some workers had already returned to work and other workers will get letters telling them the glad tidings soon.’
    • ‘The sad tidings were received with a sense of total disbelief.’
    • ‘It has been a pleasure to bring the good tidings to our public.’
    • ‘Recent days brought tidings of an official invitation to Paris.’
    • ‘If it had happened yesterday, you would have read about it on the internet, or received the bad tidings in an email or a text message.’
    • ‘Several of his less talented colleagues, I'm told, protested vehemently when they heard the glad tidings.’
    • ‘Mrs Manning obviously intended to come as a bearer of good tidings.’
    • ‘Each positive piece of economic news last fall was matched by equally bad economic tidings.’
    report, announcement, story, account
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  • 2rare A flock of magpies.

    ‘a tiding of magpies perch in the low pines’


Late Old English tīdung ‘announcement, piece of news’, probably from Old Norse títhindi ‘news of events’, from títhr ‘occurring’.