Definition of tide table in English:

tide table


  • A table indicating the times of high and low tides at a particular place.

    • ‘The tide tables give times for first and second top of the tides as well as low water times.’
    • ‘I reached the area just after dawn and took an up-to-date copy of tide tables.’
    • ‘Organised divers keep checking the weather forecasts and have a good understanding of tide tables.’
    • ‘Springs and Neap tides alternate week and week about through the year which is why when you consult your tide tables, you will see big tides one week and small tides the next.’
    • ‘I have bought clothes since I have been here, I've bought tide tables, fishing tackle, tyres for a trailer.’
    • ‘Fishermen who are not local should always check the tide tables and seek information from locals to avoid getting themselves into danger.’
    • ‘As mariners know, published tide tables are general predictions of water levels based on astronomical positions of the Earth and Moon.’
    • ‘Scott, who had worked on the bay for a year prior to the incident, said he had consulted tide tables and weather reports and had taken a compass with him.’
    • ‘Reference to tide tables is therefore essential.’
    • ‘All ships shall carry adequate and up to date charts, sailing directions, lists of lights, notices to mariners, tide tables and other nautical publications necessary for the intended voyage.’
    • ‘Jon Rubin, a filmmaker who created another waterborne project called ‘Floating Cinema’ in 1980, joined the team and started consulting tide tables and calling barge and tugboat companies.’
    • ‘For example, soldiers do not need to master tide tables, but they do need to know that tides exist, and matter.’
    • ‘The Bay's entrance channel has a minimum depth around three feet, so you'll want to consult the tide table before making your entrance.’
    • ‘Check tide tables before heading out; there are a few rocky points.’
    • ‘It seems that both sides need to study the same tide tables!’
    • ‘The high tide time predicted in your tide tables might not be the same as actually occurs in these rocky areas.’
    • ‘Beach-goers are urged to check tide tables before heading for the beach and to call the coastguard to make enquiries if they have any doubts about safety.’
    • ‘It effectively eliminates the need for a tide table - that ragged little key to surf conditions that's never around when you need it.’
    • ‘Gradually he learned to predict tidal times and movements and he is said to have been the inventor of tide tables.’
    • ‘Whenever the four of us fixated upon a day on Bartra with a departure point from the Ice House, Jim was delegated to make the arrangements for boat, oarlocks, oars and confirmation of tide tables.’