Definition of tiddy oggy in English:

tiddy oggy


dialect, nautical slang
  • A Cornish pasty.

    • ‘I can forgive you for not liking some shop pasties, but anyone who can't appreciate a home-made tiddy oggy needs to be sorted out.’
    • ‘Long ago, Cornish miners shouted ‘Oggie Oggie, Tiddy Oggie’ in unison at crib time, before eating their traditional pasties, also known as oggies (or tiddy oggies).’
    • ‘I'm off now for a tiddy oggy - Cornish name for a pasty!’
    • ‘A nice pint of Spriggan or Cornish Blonde from Mr Skinners brewery and a proper tiddy oggy should sort you out.’
    • ‘Besides tea and scones, they offer a variety of lunch items, such as chicken pot pie and tiddy oggy.’


Probably from West Country dialect tiddy ‘potato’ and Cornish hogen ‘pastry’.


tiddy oggy

/ˈtɪdɪ ˌɒɡi/