Definition of tickey in English:



South African
  • A small silver threepenny piece, withdrawn from circulation in 1961.

    • ‘The meters have universal slots which allow the use of tickeys, sixpences and shillings.’
    • ‘He had a projector in his room at home and, turning his bedroom into a cinema, he charged his sisters a tickey to watch a movie.’
    • ‘The ‘tickey’ might become a quarter-shilling, but existing names, though incongruous, would probably linger.’
    • ‘In 1949 the fare increased to a tickey (three pennies), and there was a riot.’
    • ‘One day she heard him telling the servant to go to the fresh produce market and ‘buy a tickey's worth of mixed fruit, but not too many watermelons!’’
    very small sum, pittance, trifle, trifling sum, drop in the ocean, insignificant sum, derisory sum, paltry sum
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Of unknown origin.