Definition of tick fence in English:

tick fence


NZ, Australian
  • A fence erected to prevent the movement of tick-infested cattle.

    ‘at Tweed Heads, a bull jumped the tick fence into Queensland’
    • ‘When prosperous cowmen built tick fences, many less well heeled resented it.’
    • ‘People wandered back and forth through the gate in the tick fence hardly noticing.’
    • ‘On our southern boundary runs the tick fence, which terminates between Coolangatta and Tweed Heads.’
    • ‘At the mouth of the Tweed River the tick fence divides the two portions of the residential area.’
    • ‘The rusted remains of a tick fence are still standing on the platform.’
    • ‘That day we did not ascend higher than the tick fence, about half-way up the mountain.’
    • ‘Both a leech and a tick have been found in my dining-room after those connected with the tick fences have been here.’
    • ‘He showed me remnants of old "tick fences" put up years ago to keep Mexican cattle from getting into Texas pastures.’
    • ‘No permanent solution to this problem has even yet been found, but periodical dipping affords some measure of control, while tick fences and grids prevent the spread to non-infested areas.’
    • ‘For what reason is this man here, seeing that there is a tick fence which will exist for all time?’