Definition of tick box in English:

tick box


  • 1A small box on a form into which a tick or cross is entered as the response to a question.

    • ‘Appraisal is not a load of meaningless jargon sprinkled liberally across a ten page grid full of interminable tick boxes.’
    • ‘Meet organizers are encouraged to put a tick box on the mandatory run report indicating safety acceptability.’
    • ‘Form CIT must be attached to Form PN1 with the seventh tick box in Part 1 marked.’
    • ‘How about having a small patient 'write in' box, so the patient can put in a few relevant words - maybe a tick box to say the patient gives permission without having to ask each time?’
    • ‘The report also includes a questionnaire with tick boxes for each section and space for individual comments.’
    • ‘I wondered if the registration form had a discreet tick box somewhere near the bottom, indicating that if all experiments went successfully, the organizers should not expect the attendee to return.’
    • ‘They accept that a tick box on the form indicating that Residential Care Allowance could be claimed was not completed and not picked up by the council.’
    • ‘"The tick boxes will ascertain information like the patient's age, blood group and important medical history."’
    • ‘It was decided to include a Polish 'tick box' as Home Office statistics show they account for around 70 per cent of migrants from new EU member states in Eastern Europe.’
    • ‘He's given us an ugly blue and red form full of tick boxes.’
    • ‘Form A5 has a tick box in Section 3.’
    • ‘She has created a leaflet with exercises and tick boxes for parents of newborns and has had it translated into 10 languages for use by the major immigrant communities.’
    • ‘On the back of the leaflet is a tick box saying "I will be voting Labour in the election on Thursday 5 May".’
    • ‘No space was officially provided for additional views, so residents wanting to comment further were left with little choice but to scrawl notes around the three tick boxes.’
    • ‘Early indications are that customers are selecting that tick box on the option sheet.’
    • ‘Since 2000, the application form has included a tick box giving customers the opportunity to have their name placed on the UK transplant register.’
    • ‘Funding reparations should be voluntary and provided by a tick box on one's income tax return.’
    • ‘Often many risk assessments are done on the same patient by different professionals, using diverse instruments, tick boxes and forms.’
    • ‘There is a tick box on all of our contact forms whereby you may opt for no further contact.’
    • ‘What's more, while they claim to stand against political correctness, they include a tick box for "Ms".’
    1. 1.1Computing (in a graphical display) a small box that, when selected by the user, shows that a particular feature has been enabled or a particular option chosen.
      • ‘I've now clicked every menu that I can find and checked that every possible tick box appears to still be in the correct state, but I still cannot solve the problem.’
      • ‘Operating the software is simple using a series of tick boxes, many accompanied by clickable Help links.’
      • ‘My browser isn't showing what the answers to the tick boxes are so I've left them all blank.’
      • ‘The directory tree and tick boxes make setting up a backup job up very quick.’
      • ‘Browsing to a team will by default bring up the 1st team squad, with the reserves and youth players brought up by a tick box in a drop-down menu.’
      • ‘As before, ensure that all tick boxes are clear apart from the one for 'Attempt to use HTTP for all content' which should be ticked.’
      • ‘Before firing up the program, it asks which file formats it should open by default, with tick boxes offering an impressive selection of formats.’
    2. 1.2as modifier Denoting or relating to a procedure or process carried out purely to satisfy convention, rules, or regulations.
      ‘a bureaucratic tick-box exercise’
      ‘a tick-box mentality’
      • ‘You are indicating that when it gets down to levels of changing behaviour, attitude and procedures, it is a tick box exercise.’
      • ‘"Regeneration" in their constituencies is being reduced to "tick box stuff".’
      • ‘There is a tick box culture for targets and I believe this has failed to deliver improvements to frontline services.’
      • ‘I have often heard fellow students say that getting a degree is about 'playing the game' and doing what the university expects of you in a 'tick box' fashion.’
      • ‘The presiding tick box culture allowed and even fostered suboptimal assessment.’
      • ‘Among the topics were personal experiences of coming out at work, the tick box approach to dealing with discrimination and the need to continue campaigning and lobbying.’
      • ‘On the other hand, it can be a tick box exercise to protect and to demonstrate that diversity is something within the organisation and the organisation is living up to expectations.’
      • ‘They are lazy, they have been voted in and they have done it for tick box reasons, or they are only interested in the juicy bits.’
      • ‘Training police on race relations is "often viewed as a mandatory tick box" exercise despite more than £10m being spent on improving standards.’
      • ‘The point is that the semantics we use are not tick box mechanisms.’
      • ‘A depressing catalogue of shortcomings is exposed in the 92-page report, which contends that writing skills have been devalued in the "tick box" approach of contemporary secondary education.’
      • ‘The report's co-author said the "current tick box approach gives a simplistic and sometimes false picture of disadvantage, exclusion and inequality".’
      • ‘Some councillors pointed out their Catch-22 situation of having to bow to a "tick box" government.’
      • ‘"This tick box approach to equal opportunities has led to an inauthentic representation of who we are."’
      • ‘It describes the new system as a "tick box" process that "removed the ability of the entry clearance officer to assess credibility of either the college or the applicant".’
      • ‘Was it a sort of paradigm of good managerial practices, policies and procedures, functionally, or was it just a tick box exercise?’
      • ‘Mathematics exams have become little more than a "tick box test" and fail to teach pupils the skills needed to gain good jobs, according to a new report.’
      • ‘Revalidation by summative annual appraisal, with its sometimes mind-numbing tick box approach, is rightly perceived by Dame Janet to be ineffective in identifying underperforming doctors.’
      • ‘Design is seen as being important but is inevitably assessed in the context of large bids in what feels like a 'tick box culture', where compliance and process will take precedence with targets and benchmarking.’
      • ‘You get quite a few that do it for the tick box syndrome, because they have got to show evidence of their performance.’