Definition of tick bean in English:

tick bean


  • A field bean of a variety with small rounded seeds, used for feeding to pigeons.

    • ‘‘At the moment we have kale, tick beans, and maize, but we've already got some canary grass planted in preparation for the start of the 2007 season.’’
    • ‘Broad beans and their close relatives, the tick beans, are often grown as a green manure.’
    • ‘The main crops under cultivation in the district were wheat, barley, oats, house and tick beans, known locally as redwells.’
    • ‘Use rye corn which is simply an extremely lush grass which is dug in when it's about half a metre high, or tick beans which are a type of broad bean.’
    • ‘Our softfood is given daily and consists of growrite, soaked oaks, two large carrots, ground up beanmeal and tick beans which we get from a local farmer.’
    • ‘The pigeon food abounds with all sorts of goodies for the chickens and incudes things like maple and tick beans, cracked corn and goodness knows what else but it looks a really good mixture.’
    • ‘This is why green manure crops contain a high percentage of annual legumes, such as field peas or tick beans, usually mixed with field mustard, rape or cress, which provide sulphur.’


Mid 18th century: so named from the resemblance of the seeds to dog ticks.