Definition of Tibetan terrier in English:

Tibetan terrier


  • An animal of a breed of grey, black, cream, or particoloured terrier with a thick shaggy coat.

    • ‘Himalayan breeds such as the Mastiff, the Lhasa Apso and the Tibetan terrier are safe in Europe and America.’
    • ‘Nellie is a posh dog, a Tibetan terrier, and she's as cute and as doggy as you could possibly get.’
    • ‘They would walk in the fields with their three Tibetan terriers.’
    • ‘She is speaking of her husband Wayne Pate, with whom she lives in Brooklyn with their Tibetan terrier Lucy and cats Daisy and Tittens.’
    • ‘I have a Tibetan terrier, Dinky, who looks exactly like me - we're going grey together.’