Definition of tiarella in English:



  • A small chiefly North American plant of the saxifrage family.

    • ‘As I occasionally deadheaded the shade perennials, I admired the tiarellas for their toughness - and their beauty of both leaf and form.’
    • ‘I'm also adding a few tiarellas in between, but they just aren't as hardy as the herbs though.’
    • ‘Their cheerful porcelain-white blossoms dance and dart in the autumn breezes, towering over the heucheras, tiarellas, and ferns at their feet.’
    • ‘We have been surprised at how drought-tolerant tiarellas are under our maples.’
    • ‘In winter, hot sun is not really an issue for shade plants, and the new varieties of tellimas and tiarellas are quite adaptable to sun locations.’


Modern Latin, from Latin tiara turban, tiara + the diminutive suffix -ella.