Definition of thyroglobulin in English:



mass nounBiochemistry
  • A protein present in the thyroid gland, from which thyroid hormones are synthesized.

    • ‘Thyroid antibodies were measured by an immunoradiographic procedure using thyroglobulin and purified thyroid peroxidase in 11 subjects.’
    • ‘Chronic stimulation of the receptor causes an increase in the synthesis of a major thyroid hormone precursor, thyroglobulin.’
    • ‘Immunostains for thyroglobulin were positive in both tumor elements, and calcitonin stain was negative.’
    • ‘The tissue specific expression of thyroglobulin and parathyroid hormone is commonly used for diagnosis and follow up of patients with thyroid cancer.’
    • ‘The test measures a protein known as thyroglobulin, which is made by thyroid-cancer cells.’