Definition of thwack in English:



  • Strike forcefully with a sharp blow.

    ‘she thwacked the back of their knees with a cane’
    • ‘The rest of the travel sector was also under the weather with Stagecoach (LSE: SGC) thwacked by a poor performance at its US coach operation.’
    • ‘And then I thwacked my left knee on the washing machine this afternoon while I was cleaning out the rat cage, and it is all red and lumpy and it, too, hurts when I walk on it.’
    • ‘Bernie continued madly thwacking my back with his hand, while waving the other in the air and shrieking, ‘She's alive!’’
    • ‘So she took a stick and started thwacking my thighs like she was threshing wheat.’
    • ‘Before I knew it, I was trying my hand on the local real-life links and thwacking a white ball with a metal stick right down a fairway.’
    • ‘Four minutes after making his entrance, the wafer-like winger was thwacking Neilson from behind to concede a preventable penalty.’
    • ‘I was swimming along, and as I was making the turn at lap 46, a hand thwacked me on the head.’
    • ‘He has no probs getting around at night thwacking the bad guys who terrorise his neighbourhood.’
    • ‘For a few short weeks each autumn, in playgrounds across the land, the tinny buzz of the Nokia and the iPod is supplanted by the sound of youngsters thwacking their nuts.’
    • ‘Then, with a flourish, he thwacked my paying-in book twice with his stamp, initialled the counterfoil and handed it back to me with a relieved smile.’
    • ‘Jumping on top of him, she began thwacking him with it in every possible place - the head, the face, the chest, the arms, the ears, the legs, the torso, everywhere.’
    • ‘Defiant newsagent Tina Harfield sent a would-be armed robber on his bike after thwacking him with an axe handle.’
    • ‘Sophia thwacked her hard on her back, and asked her concernedly, ‘Are you alright?’’
    • ‘We have, on the one hand, an arrogant, unqualified celebrity, and on the other, a burly guy who seems to have a problem with thwacking women around.’
    • ‘It may not be long before the sound of willow thwacking leather reverberates across the middle kingdom.’
    • ‘But just as the company is getting back to normalcy, another downturn in traveller numbers following the recent events in the US thwacked it again.’
    • ‘Isaacs' fruitful usage of the ball meant the score soon multiplied to 2-as he royally thwacked a loose ball into the corner of the net.’
    • ‘She was thwacking a button on the wall with all her might, and cursing wildly under her breath.’
    • ‘‘I hate that,’ she mumbled as she thwacked the ball.’
    • ‘They're coming up shortly after a federal judge thwacked the Pentagon's knuckles.’
    hit, strike, beat, batter, pound, attack, assault, knock, rap, smack, slap, pummel, thump, punch, cudgel, thrash, bang, drub, welt, cuff, crack, buffet, box someone's ears
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  • A sharp blow.

    ‘he hit it with a hefty thwack’
    • ‘Then, grunting with effort, they lunge furiously, colliding with resounding thwacks, red-faced and panting.’
    • ‘Mugabe is often seen sipping tea, eating cake and clapping at Harare Sports Club while revelling in the magical thwack of leather against willow.’
    • ‘The sound of repeated thwacks lures you to the roasted-duck counter, where a small man with a big cleaver reduces a whole mahogany-colored bird into a pile of steamy, mouthwatering chunks in seconds.’
    • ‘Racquet connected with ball with an almighty thwack.’
    • ‘That opening sentence originally read ‘Scent and smoke and sweat hit the taste buds with an acid thwack at three o'clock in the morning’ - a limp travesty of the polished version.’
    • ‘And then the smart thwack of her hand on my shoulder and I was ‘it’.’
    • ‘Guys are dumb, it takes us a couple of thwacks before we stop hitting our heads on walls.’
    • ‘Diversity might include free-thinking, liberal-minded schools, alongside those that favour the firm thwack of the three Rs above all else.’
    • ‘Perhaps a well-timed thwack with a swatter works?’
    • ‘Sir Michael Peat has been described as the prince's right-hand man, leaving me to think that Charles should be using his left hand to give him a good thwack about the head.’
    • ‘The keys have a feel somewhere between the Pro and the 101, with a solid click but not the thwack of the IBM.’
    • ‘The thwack should have been an early wake-up call but the Minstermen continued to stumble and fumble thereafter.’
    • ‘Sitting at the computer I saw something large and dark fall past my peripheral vision followed by a dull thwack.’
    • ‘The only sound is the thwack of a Corsican mountain breeze.’
    • ‘Then the thwack of 700 pages hitting the floor jolted me awake again.’
    • ‘He landed with a sickening thwack on the hard pavement but miraculously was unhurt.’
    • ‘The latest heavyweight report investigating pay inequalities between the genders landed last week, with a huge thwack, on news editors' desks up and down the country.’
    • ‘The nice thwack of the club hitting the ball is one of the few, if only, notable effects.’
    • ‘During that half awake dozing between thwacks, I often drift into lurid dreams.’
    • ‘Again, aside from the thwack of the balls, it was superbly quiet.’
    blow, hit, punch, thump, smack, slap, bang, welt, cuff, box, crack
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Late Middle English: imitative.