Definition of thurible in English:



  • A censer.

    • ‘Milbank demonstrates how Gutierrez, Segundo, and the brothers Boff do nothing more than swing a thurible around the totem of ‘progress’ constructed by liberals and Marxists.’
    • ‘He was swinging the thurible in a one hundred and eighty-degree arc.’
    • ‘Towards the end of the service, the priest circled the length of the church with his thurible, gently and almost apologetically stepping over the prostrate Muslims blocking his way.’
    • ‘The principals of the local schools could be counted on for a couple of fresh scrubbed altar boys in charge of polished crucifix, candlesticks and dangerously toxic swinging thuribles.’
    • ‘The job we all loved was at Benediction, an evening service where one altar boy was in charge of the thurible.’
    • ‘The celebrant and thurifer must have been trained by baton-twirling majorettes, as they were of the school that likes to rotate the thurible through 360 degrees!’
    • ‘Incense of sandalwood swung from the thurible in his hand, smoking blue over font, chalice, and paten.’
    • ‘From the abrazier (coal pot), pieces of coals were taken and placed in the thurible (a metal censer, suspended from chains, in which incense is burned) which the Archbishop used to incense the marble crosses and the congregation.’
    • ‘Some of them swung thuribles through the incense-laden air, while others picked scarlet grapes from the vines.’


Late Middle English: from Old French, or from Latin thuribulum, from thus, thur- ‘incense’ (see thurifer).