Definition of thunderously in English:



  • See thunderous

    • ‘I was genuinely quite shaken by the film, though - it's all machine guns rattling thunderously in your face and metal clanking noises - but the gore is pretty believable.’
    • ‘In another corner, college students were airing their views thunderously on the urgent need to preserve the ecology.’
    • ‘Yet people from other cultures are all too ready to accept this packaged fantasy as reality even though it's thunderously obvious to someone from the US that this is pure entertainment and nothing more.’
    • ‘I shouted at her so thunderously, her hair blew backwards.’
    • ‘The adult first-night audience of Peter Pan, told to clap if they believed in fairies, applauded thunderously: it was the birth of modern escapist entertainment.’
    • ‘How welcome, then, that Bennett's position should be demolished so swiftly and thunderously by John Lloyd.’