Definition of thunderous in English:



  • 1Relating to or resembling thunder.

    ‘a thunderous grey cloud’
    • ‘To his left thunderous cloud heads form, taking shape in colours of grey and blue.’
    • ‘Scuba diving in the afternoon, we noticed the cloud massing like a thunderous frown over the island and the water began to churn around us.’
    • ‘The haunting Sounding depicting rays of sunlight through thunderous clouds is the stand-out piece of the whole exhibition.’
    • ‘Her eyes were entranced in the gray sky, just visible outside of the Plexiglas, watching the thunderous clouds roll through the sky like an avalanche.’
    • ‘Dawn came with some nasty surprises of massive thunderous cracks.’
    • ‘The thunderous, roaring rain seemed to echo her thoughts.’
    • ‘There was a rumble, a kind of thunderous sound, and then we were engulfed in a cloud of dust and debris.’
    • ‘There was a blinding white flash and a thunderous roar echoed in her ears.’
    1. 1.1 Very loud.
      ‘thunderous applause’
      • ‘One night he caused a terrific row and there were a series of thunderous crashing noises followed by a lot of shouting in Arabic as the proprietor tried to settle the situation.’
      • ‘Behind them the waves continued to pound the beach - a clamouring symphony of thunderous echoes that reverberated throughout the tangled maze of the pier.’
      • ‘Shelley proceeded to name each member, taking notice that Brandon got the loudest, most thunderous applause.’
      • ‘With a thunderous cheer in response from the audience, they began to perform.’
      • ‘Wherever US troops are present, the violence is present and the troops are everywhere - in their rumbling tanks, thunderous choppers and provocative foot patrols.’
      • ‘The loud thunderous sound of footsteps running into the valley arose.’
      • ‘There was a corresponding echo with thunderous clapping.’
      • ‘The thunderous roar of the crowd is deafening even when the stadium is less than half-full.’
      • ‘The sound of immense boulders tearing through stone was thunderous and struck a powerful blow to the men's morale.’
      • ‘They made a dramatic entrance to thunderous music and suddenly the hall was full of giant devils, spiders, dragons and other figures.’
      • ‘I froze when I heard loud, thunderous footsteps racing up the stairs and soon banging fists were pounding against my door.’
      • ‘The visitors' stands, while smaller than the home stands, nonetheless exploded in a thunderous round of raucous applause for their team.’
      • ‘Other thunderous detonations resounded from the area of the airport before the all-clear siren sounded, leaving an eerie quiet.’
      • ‘The title track tries to deflate its portentous musical backing of crashing cymbals and thunderous pianos with daft lyrics about needing a new eiderdown and some binoculars.’
      • ‘Above the thunderous roaring of the engine, I regretfully made out Vitto's two departing words.’
      • ‘And the applause from the huge hall was thunderous.’
      • ‘The loud thunderous music blaring from the beach nearby remained passive to the girl's ears, as she sat deep in thought.’
      • ‘After a burst of thunderous applause, the children received a lot of presents.’
      • ‘There's ample activity in the surrounds, with thunderous bass creating a huge, enveloping soundfield.’
      • ‘There was a loud, thunderous applause as she gave them one last smile and burst into tears.’
      • ‘Dressed in blue and gray suits, they climb out, waving American flags, to thunderous applause.’
      very loud, tumultuous, booming, rumbling, roaring, blaring, resounding, reverberating, reverberant, echoing, vibrant, ringing, carrying, deafening, ear-splitting, ear-piercing, noisy
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    2. 1.2 Very powerful or intense.
      ‘no goalkeeper cares to face his thunderous shots’
      • ‘Under the weight of massive, thunderous protests and growing international pressure, Damascus has pledged to withdraw its troops from Lebanon in line with the Taif Accords.’
      • ‘Plus Glenn were rocked back on their heels three minutes later when Kevin Savage lashed a thunderous shot off the underside of the Glenn crossbar and into the net.’
      • ‘It's a thunderous, powerful record housing the sound of a band that appears to have a near-kinetic quality.’
      • ‘The final race went to the superb young apprentice Tom Queally who gave 10/1 shot Sea Storm a thunderous ride to beat Takes Tutu.’
      • ‘Properly packed, the shot barrel produces a thunderous roar and devastating effect on close-range targets.’
      • ‘Alan Lewis's hunch has been proved correct; this is, indeed, a game where every yard is gained only after thunderous collision.’
      • ‘State television showed footage of the thunderous explosions, which shook the area.’
      • ‘Ruairi Gavin cracked a thunderous shot against the crossbar and Thomas McNally met the rebound and forced a great save from the Westport keeper, Mark McCaffrey.’
      • ‘No other player of the modern age has such an unassuming demeanour off the course and such a thunderous presence on it.’
      • ‘He can dazzle with quick moves to the basket, culminating in thunderous dunks.’
      • ‘They were ordered to give him a " thunderous ovation, " and they did.’
      • ‘City were denied an equaliser on 32 minutes by the woodwork as City's latest young international Levent Yalcin's thunderous shot from 25 yards clipped the post.’
      • ‘The Waterford keeper advanced from his line to spectacularly parry Holt's thunderous shot from 18 yards before the ball had been hacked to safety.’
      powerful, forceful, violent, ferocious, fierce, brutal, vicious, vigorous, hefty, savage, destructive, damaging, painful
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  • 2(of a person's expression or behaviour) very angry or menacing.

    ‘Robin's thunderous mood hadn't lightened’
    • ‘Face red and eyes a thunderous cloud he took two more steps towards her, until she was nearly under him.’
    • ‘Anna looked up at Lachlan and, to her great surprise, she saw that his expression was thunderous.’
    • ‘Once home, he had giggled with unabashed glee over the memory of Professor Hawthorne's thunderous expression.’
    • ‘Her voice was thunderous… she had never been so angry in her life.’
    • ‘Gilmartin's thunderous mood wasn't helped by what Lawlor said next.’
    • ‘Thursday Kerr was in a thunderous mood because Cosla announced huge rises in council tax bills.’
    • ‘I watched the operation from behind the living-room curtains because of my father's thunderous mood and because if I were any closer I'd vomit.’
    • ‘Montgomerie could only manage a second round 71 despite a superb start at PGA Golf de Catalunya - and the thunderous expression on his face told its own story.’
    • ‘This brought him off of his cloud of thunderous anger boiling up in him.’
    • ‘As we tour the house, there is no sign of the obsessive perfectionist whose thunderous features can silence a gallery with a single stony glare.’
    • ‘Shifting his imposing frame, his expression takes on a thunderous aspect, suggesting this is the wrong question to ask.’
    • ‘As for Colin Montgomerie, a 5-5 finish for 69 and an eight-under-par aggregate had the three-time champion in one of his more thunderous moods.’
    • ‘Faith looked up to see a man striding towards them with a thunderous expression, dragging a little girl with him.’
    • ‘I only had to look at Katie's thunderous expression to realize she'd not had a good day.’
    • ‘The other four occupants of the pub replied to this with extremely heavy, thunderous expressions.’