Definition of thunderfly in English:



  • another term for thrips
    • ‘These insects, often called thunderflies or thunderbugs, feed on plant juices from leaves or young shoots of trees and shrubs.’
    • ‘Yes, thunderflies (otherwise known as thrips, or in my family as thunderbugs) are just what you need to ruin a perfect summer day.’
    • ‘Yep, I had a thunderfly under the screen of my old laptop.’
    • ‘With the heat, windows have been open and now I see a thunderfly in my screen crawling around just waiting to die and get stuck there.’
    • ‘Here come the thrips (also called thunderflies) to chew their way through a bud or five.’
    • ‘System failures account for the biggest category of false alarms but thunderflies and dust triggering the alarm mechanisms are responsible for nearly 14% of them.’
    • ‘Fruit flies and thunderflies visit here in hoards at this time of year.’
    • ‘A dark cloud of thunderflies was all over me and I can't stop itching because they're so tickly.’
    • ‘Other common names for thrips include thunderflies, thunderbugs, storm flies and corn lice.’
    • ‘I just wish I knew how to clean out the odd thunderfly that gets in between the tft and the light panel behind it.’
    • ‘They sound like midges to me, I've never heard of the term thunderfly being used before this thread.’
    • ‘LG aftersales service is superb - I got a couple of thunderflies in mine - swapped out next day.’
    • ‘The thunderfly is still in the monitor.’
    • ‘About 2 weeks ago a friend of my discovered a small thunderfly moving about inside the screen of his laptop.’
    • ‘Or it could be that the electrical fields of an approaching thunderstorm do something strange to the thunderfly.’
    • ‘Are thunderflies the little black things that are inaudible until they're half an inch from your ear, at which point they instantly sound relatively louder then a Tornado jet?’
    • ‘Well, I was just where those thunderflies are predominant, and gladly it's not near where I am.’
    • ‘The moment you have a thunderfly or two, turn off your monitor, and use a different one for a few days.’
    • ‘Its 52 degrees here and there's thunderflies in the garden!’
    • ‘Got a midget (or thunderfly OR stupid little black bugs which are everywhere when its hot) which has crawled, and died, underneath my laptop LCD screen.’