Definition of thunderclap in English:



  • 1A crash of thunder.

    • ‘And like the sound of a thunderclap in the distance on a hot summer day, the storm clouds are already visible.’
    • ‘For example, following the lyric ‘thunder that roared out a warning,’ a thunderclap is heard on the track.’
    • ‘Half of her words were lost in the noise of a thunderclap that echoed through the sky.’
    • ‘When the weather turns foul in Unforgiven, you really feel as if you are at the center of a big rain cloud with drops falling all over and a few thunderclaps thrown in for good measure.’
    • ‘Ever since she had been a small child, she had constantly enjoyed watching the lightning dance overhead, listening to the thunderclaps and trying to determine how far off the lightning was.’
    • ‘There was a thunderclap and heavy rain started to thud on the carpet.’
    • ‘They simply graze on, their ears filled with thunderclaps and their coats filling with raindrops.’
    • ‘Larry Lessig is explaining the importance of the public domain as a source for future creativity, when a series of thunderclaps shakes the auditorium.’
    • ‘As if in response to our comments, a loud thunderclap roared, filling the atmosphere with noise.’
    • ‘Helen yells at him and slams the door, but then there is a thunderclap and the sound of pouring rain.’
    • ‘Then there were more thunderclaps which, the young men affirmed, shook and compacted into a solid mass the still soft ground that consisted of water and mud.’
    • ‘‘Thanks for walking me back,’ Henriette said, as a thunderclap shook the sky.’
    • ‘It was really coming down, with the occasional flash of lightning and booming thunderclap.’
    • ‘A short time later there was a noise - like a small thunderclap.’
    • ‘The first thunderclap brought down raindrops and hailstones as big as marbles.’
    • ‘It sounds like a big thunderclap, with vibration through the air and ground,’ said Kawanishi.’
    • ‘No sooner were we in bed when there was an almighty thunderclap and the heavens opened up and of course it sounded very loud on the tin roof.’
    • ‘You only get a few thunderclaps with each storm but, when you are on a 6th floor in a basically 3 story town, you really feel them.’
    • ‘It was a very tedious business, and they amused themselves by counting the seconds between the thunderclaps and the flashes of lighting.’
    • ‘As if on cue, there was a soft thunderclap and a light rain started.’
    thunder crack, thunder roll, roll of thunder, peal of thunder, rumble of thunder, crack of thunder, crash of thunder, rumbling, crashing, roar
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    1. 1.1 Used in similes to refer to something startling or unexpected.
      ‘the door opened like a thunderclap’
      • ‘There is a powerful thunderclap of a moment in Le Confessionnal when the actor playing Alfred Hitchcock slips into the cab (another confessional cage) being driven by Paul-Emile.’
      • ‘The joke struck the banker audience like a thunderclap.’
      • ‘After staggering about under this intense thunderclap of irony, we moved.’
      • ‘The commentary continues in a similar tone: ‘America's oldest and most important allies feel snubbed by Bush's unilateral thunderclaps.’’
      • ‘The beginning of Howard Zinn's A People's History of the United States breaks open with the force of a thunderclap.’