Definition of thunderbox in English:



  • A primitive or makeshift toilet.

    • ‘They were, however, equipped with a wooden W.C. or ‘thunderbox’.’
    • ‘There were a few other interesting arrangements: the cathedra of Malcolm ‘Golden Sceptre’ Turnbull is next to the thunderbox of Wilson ‘Iron Bar’ Tuckey.’
    • ‘On at least one noxious occasion Mad Max barked orders to her as he sat astride a thunderbox, a horrendous experience for anyone of a sensitive disposition.’
    • ‘When they tore ivy full of birds' nests from the walls, they replaced it with 36 sparrow boxes; the thunderbox loo has an inbuilt heater.’
    • ‘He sends in a message on a piece of loo roll (honestly, it's true) suggesting he had tried the sandwich and ‘I'm still in here (the thunderbox)!’’
    • ‘Until then, the play is set in a sort of Scots mock - baronial splendour, filled with tinctures and libraries of apothecaries' texts, and complete with thunderous thunderbox.’
    lavatory, wc, water closet, convenience, public convenience, facilities, urinal, privy, latrine, outhouse, earth closet, jakes
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