Definition of thumri in English:



mass noun
  • 1(in Hindustani classical music) a light romantic form.

    • ‘It is light classical in nature and thus often sung in the vocal genre of thumri.’
    • ‘Well-known khayal and thumri singer Shubha Mudgal inaugurated a sound studio here.’
    • ‘As for thumri singing, more often than not, it is sung like a ghazal.’
    • ‘This instrument has traditionally been associated with the kathak dance and the vocal styles of thumri, dadra and kheyal.’
    • ‘A popular form of light classical music, thumri essentially communicates with many variations of ‘Vak’ or the spoken word.’
    • ‘In fact, the website points out that its early exponents were classically trained singers specialising in khayaal and thumri styles of singing.’
    1. 1.1count noun A romantic song.
      • ‘I also sing thumris and bhajans and they always go down well with the audience everwhere.’
      • ‘Maya also finds interpretation of thumris and ghazals as a source of inspiration for choreography.’
      • ‘During her concerts she tries to mix and match the geets, bhajans, aalaaps and thumris to appeal to a wide audience.’
      • ‘His repertoire consisted of khayals, thumris, ghazals and bhajans.’
      • ‘The fusion show, ‘Soul India’ will consist of ‘familiar’ ghazals, thumris, khayals and a choice of popular Tamil and Hindi film songs, we are told.’
      • ‘It will end with Gauhar Jan, a Muslim who composed a beautiful thumri in praise of Krishna.’


From Hindi ṭhumrī.