Definition of thumbwheel in English:



  • A control device for electrical or mechanical equipment in the form of a wheel operated with the thumb.

    • ‘Elevation adjustments are made via a horizontal thumbwheel at the rear of the mount.’
    • ‘Compact and chunky yet extremely light, it fits snugly into your hand so that the thumbwheel, volume buttons and other controls are all easily accessible.’
    • ‘But the thumbwheel makes you feel like you're in control.’
    • ‘You can also use a thumbwheel to toggle between programs or launch new ones.’
    • ‘If you've ever used these things, you know you have two thumbwheels - one on the headset, one on the base station.’
    • ‘The player's menu system is very straightforward to use, with a thumbwheel to help you navigate tracks quickly.’
    • ‘Dial the thumbwheel all the way back, and the tail swings like it belongs to Jennifer Lopez.’
    • ‘The monochrome screen is easy to read, and the clickable thumbwheel control permits scrolling through programming and feature menus readily enough.’
    • ‘While not as quick as a thumbwheel system, once adjusted, it stays put.’
    • ‘For example, a four-way rocker button on the front works in combination with a thumbwheel on the side to let you choose channels and scroll through lists.’