Definition of thumb stick in English:

thumb stick


  • 1A tall walking stick with a forked thumb rest at the top.

    • ‘You'll need a stout thumb stick, Gortex hiking boots, multicoloured knee length socks, bobble hat and that all important indispensable piece of equipment - the cagool.’
    walking stick, cane, staff
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  • 2A basic control lever for audio and televisual equipment.

    • ‘Pressing the thumb stick inwards is equivalent to pressing the left mouse button.’
    • ‘Once you've passed to a receiver, you can control that receiver with the right thumb stick.’
    • ‘This version finally implemented the use of the right thumb stick for freestyle moves, but the addition seems a little to late and sloppy.’
    • ‘You can fill your meter and activate your special move via the right thumb stick.’
    • ‘Like the first game, Hitman 2 is played predominantly from the third person, but in the sequel, gamers also have the option of depressing the right thumb stick to switch to a first-person view.’
    • ‘Too many developers treat the right thumb stick as if it were a mouse - if you want your game to play well on a console, you simply can't do that.’
    • ‘R1 is used in association with the left thumb stick to perform counter attacks.’
    • ‘Above the thumb stick is a four-way rocker pad that serves as your cursor keys, while there's a button in the centre that selects the highlighted option.’
    • ‘The only thing to prevent you from reading a novel while you wait for your turn to end is that you'll occasionally have to wiggle the left thumb stick to receive points instead of losing them.’
    • ‘I can't remember the last time I was on a star ship and someone told me that we were being shot at, and then calmly told me about using thumb sticks and buttons and what not.’